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For sale 2009 out bounder specific outdoor only wheelchair

For sale 2009 out bounder specific outdoor only wheelchair

I have for sale a 2009 outbounder.  It is an out door only wheelchair.  On a full charge the batteries last 15 miles.  I have this chair set up for hunting.  It is very safe and will not tip over.  I have had this in very steep tahrain with no problems.  The seat moves forward for easy transfer.   It is a great chair if you like to bow hunt and want to be independent. It fits in most ground blinds.  I use it for turkey and whitetail bow hunting.  I am asking $9500 or best.  Paid $12000.  If interested please call me.  If you would like to see it in action go to  Please call with any questions.  989 928 5615.  This is an electric Argo a six wheel drive beast. It also comes with a 4x6 trailer 2 inch ball.  As a para I can load and un load the chair in and out of the trailer by myself.  The controls have a 15 foot tether so disabled can unload/load by them self.  It is in excellent condition only used for two hunting seasons.  Please call for pictures

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